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Running out the door in the morning in a hazy state is not a great way for an entrepreneur to start their day. Rather than rushing in the morning, successful entrepreneurs invest their time in activities that help them be more productive, energized, and happier. The following are the most popular activities which proactive and successful entrepreneurs accomplish before breakfast.

Tackle The Biggest Task

Many entrepreneurs capitalize on the time that they have in the morning. Mornings are quieter in the sense that less people are trying to contact you. You have a few hours to yourself to get the biggest task on your to-do list out of the way. Accomplishing a task before breakfast helps start the day off with success and helps you feel more productive.


A pre-breakfast workout has many benefits to an entrepreneur. Exercising helps to reduce stress, improve your mood, and improve concentration. Squeezing in a run around the neighborhood or 30 minutes on the elliptical can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. Even Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary takes time out his busy schedule to exercise.


Connecting with employees, colleagues or clients can be difficult when running a business. During the day, entrepreneurs get wrapped up in their agenda and don’t have time to network. You will find that before breakfast, people’s schedules are more open, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to sit down with someone and build a relationship over a cup of coffee.

Spend Time With Family

With such busy schedules, entrepreneurs need to find time to spend with their families. A family breakfast is a great way for entrepreneurs to start the day and become more involved in the lives of their family members. Family time does not have to be limited to breakfast. Whether you drive your kids to school or have an early morning chat with your significant other, all of these little moments help you stay connected even when you feel stressed.

Focus On Self-Improvement

The few hours before work can be a time for you to work on improving yourself. Being an entrepreneur often means dedicating the majority of your energy to the success and growth of the business and putting your personal growth to the side. You can focus on self-improvement by listening to a seminar, meditating, reading a book, or writing in a journal. Whatever you do, focuses on something that helps you become a better version of yourself.