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Brett Niebergall

Leadership Blog

Brett Niebergall is a highly experienced entrepreneur based in California.

As someone who has been his own boss for 15+ years, Brett cherishes the opportunities he has had to bring new and exciting ideas from concept to execution. He created this blog to share some of his insights into the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, based on his diverse career history.

Brett earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of California – San Marcos in 2004. He is a Cordon Bleu Chef and in 2006 he graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

For much of his early career, Brett focused on the burgeoning tech industry: he worked at Sony-Ericsson in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina. He also provided Tech Support for computer issues at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Brett then worked for Millennium Technology as a Tier 3 Field Technician for Apple Computer products in San Diego, California.

In addition to these early experiences, Brett has spent 15+ years as an entrepreneur in the food business. He challenged himself to reach new heights and cull professional lessons from each endeavor he took on — all while enjoying the excitement, freedom, and flexibility of making his own way in business. To this day, his history in food continues to shape his overall perspective.

As a self-made entrepreneur, Brett is the first to acknowledge that it can seem intimidating to branch out on one’s own. It can make a world of difference to start out with a simple idea and slowly build upon it. Just about anyone who has a new business idea will face roadblocks and naysayers at one time or another; Brett seeks out ways to inspire entrepreneurs to keep going!

One of the cornerstones of Brett’s business philosophy is that the boss works just as hard as everyone else (if not harder!) It’s important to treat your team like members of your family. Good help is hard to find, so taking care of and nurturing your professional relationships is crucial for building a strong team.

In addition to his professional career, Brett is interested in nonprofit work and hopes to get involved in LGBT charities down the line. In his free time, he loves to immerse himself in sports. He enjoys tennis, snow skiing, Bocce Ball, golfing, and following Warriors’ basketball. He is also an avid skydiver, and he has jumped all over the United States.

Keep up with this blog for Brett Niebergall’s insights into leadership and entrepreneurship!