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How to Tame Your Inner Critic

Human beings are largely self-limiting. Having a happy, productive life is largely a choice, and it begins by clearing a mental and emotional path that leads to having the things we want. The process starts by working on our own self-images and putting ourselves in the position of seeing a better, more positive picture of who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Here are a few ways to tweak our inner critic and maintain a more positive outlook.


#1 – Admit Your Worth


Stop focusing on the ways you have failed or the limitations you think are holding you back. There are things about you that are of particular value. Start focusing on those things in regards to relationships, career, and personal goals.


Stop being self-critical of your body or personality. Stop telling yourself you can’t manage your responsibilities. Stop telling yourself that you are unlikable or unworthy of love. These are self-fulfilling prophecies that will only contribute to a poor self-image. Instead, try to focus on the things you like about yourself, things you do well, and the reasons why people ought to like you.


#2 – Challenge Yourself


While there is a good bit of truth to the notion that you should always set reasonable goals, many of us forget to raise the bar once we reach them. Never get comfortable with your accomplishments.


Remember that there is always room for improvement. Continuously striving for self-improvement improves mental focus and motivates us to keep moving forward. It is difficult to be critical of yourself when you acknowledge areas of improvement and work toward making those improvements tangible realities.


#3 – Learn To Accept Both Compliments and Criticism


Many problems with self-critics stem from an inability to recognize strengths and deal with weaknesses. Knowing how to take a compliment affirms that you are headed in the right direction and that people are right to notice your good deeds. Knowing how to accept criticism helps you overcome the thing being criticized without adding self-deprecating thoughts to gain a foothold.


Removing self-criticism from our thought patterns is a vital part of the process of improving our image. The above suggestions are designed to provide a framework for a more healthy life. We hope you will take the advice seriously and get started on some more positive, productive, self-affirming thinking beginning today.