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Inspiring Podcasts Entrepreneurs Should Listen To

Entrepreneurs are busy people who might not get time to attend inspirational seminars or business talks that can give them some new ideas. Podcasts offer such individuals an opportunity to learn something new that can change the way they handle their daily activities. If you want to inject some new skills into your business or some daily motivations before starting your work, here are a few podcasts that you might try.

Entrepreneur of Fire

If you are looking for a podcast that will focus on different industries so that you can get an in-depth analysis of other sectors, this is the podcast for you. You will get real-time interviews, some of which are recorded from small business owners who have worked their way up to success. The multi-million podcast is led by John Lee Dumas and has attracted a wide range of positive reviews from followers.

The School of Greatness

Get inspirational lessons from a New York Times bestselling author who uses this platform to talk to some of the most inspirational individuals around the world. You will get inspirational stories from leaders in multiple sectors such as music, sports, and business. This podcast should be in your list if you are looking to unearth that greatness power in you.


Customized for individuals who want to have their business empires, Startup forms the best platform where you can get business startup skills. This podcast goes to the extra step by hitting the nail on the head by telling entrepreneurs what they should expect. You will not only get the fancy things like huge profits, but you will also get the ugly side of it. If you think of quitting your job and pursuing that dream of starting your own business, this is where you will learn.

She Did It Her Way

Every week, Amanda Boleyn interviews prominent and successful women who are running their businesses. The podcast is just made to inspire women to use their talents and start their ventures without fear. Every woman out there should listen to inspirational success stories that will unearth the hidden talents from them.

The James Altucher Show

It is from this show that you will be getting the reality of business from various professionals and experienced businesspersons such as ABC correspondent Dan Harris and psychologists Linda Papadopoulos. This podcast will mostly focus on informing you about business obstacles and how to overcome.